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Configuring Browser for Banner Email Icons

Some people have reported difficulty using icon links in Banner that should open your college email client and a new mail form with the recipient’s email address filled in.This article describes how to change system and browser settings to correct the situation.

Email - Forwarding student email to another email address

Instructions for automatically forwarding a student email account to another email address.

Gmail - Adding/Removing Delegates

Staff in a department have a Google Resource Account and need a new staff member delegated to this email address so they can access the email address.

Pima Community College Google Calendar

Describes how to access and use some features of the Google Calendar that is available in student, faculty, and staff Pima College accounts.

Subscribing to TechAlerts

Redirect from TechAlerts (retired) information to current solution, with links to the Pima Status Page and to article on subscribing to status incident updates.

Using Gmail Templates

Describes how to enable, create, and use Gmail templates. These features can be useful if you frequently send or reply to emails that are identical or similar in content.

Using Google Groups as a Collaborative Inbox

Includes how to set a Google Group as a Collaborative Inbox, and procedures for assigning a conversation to yourself or another member, removing an assignment, finding your assigned topics, resolving a topic or a conversation, and using labels to keep conversations organized.

What to Do With Suspected Spam or Phishing Email

More than half of all email traffic is spam. In this article, learn how to identify spam or phishing emails and what to do when you see one in your PCC inbox.