Recently Modified Articles

Answers to frequently asked questions about the purpose and use of Duo for multi-factor authentication to verify identity of people using single sign-on when logging in to Pima College browser-based pages and applications.
This article contains information and suggestions that may remove causes of early or unexpected Banner timeout instances.
Summary of Banner Processes involved in Accounts Payable check processing routine.
This KB article provides an overview of the Pima Banner Faculty Load and Compensation (aka FLAC) process, which includes both the Ellucian Baseline and Pima Custom components.
This KB article includes a table of references for Pima Form Fusion Templates.
This KB article explains the procedures necessary each year to accommodate new templates from eVisions to support regulatory form changes.
This KB article details the process steps necessary to prepare the data for the Form 1095 leading up to the 1094 XML submission process.
This article summarizes the Payroll processing steps.
This article summarizes the Salary Encumbrance processing steps.
This article outlines the key pieces of the Banner to ESM integration, focusing on the Banner Configuration driving the ESM configuration.
Describes the process for adding a printer to your college-owned Mac computer using PrinterLogic software.
Describes the process for adding a printer to your college-owned Windows laptop using PrinterLogic software.
How to connect your Windows computer to Pima Community College network printers.
Information and support related to Panopto, PlayPosit, H5P, and Perusall
How to update your PimEngage details and information
Over the summer of 2022, PCC is upgrading Microsoft Office on all college-owned computers, from Office Professional 2016 to Office 365. This FAQ answers questions regarding the upgrade.
Solutions to a situation in which students don't have access to course materials in B&N College bookstore through D2L Brightspace.
Guide to familiarize users with the hotspot device and procedure to connect to its Wi-Fi network, including troubleshooting information for common problems.