WiFi Overview & Troubleshooting

Network Descriptions

  Pima-Guest eduroam
Audience Community Members Student, Faculty, Staff
from other eduroam members
Bandwidth 10Mb 40Mb


  1. On your device's network WiFi selection screen, select Pima-Guest.
  2. Read the terms of service and then select Continue to the Internet, as shown here:Smartphone screen capture of Pima-Guest log in page, showing terms of service and a button at the bottom.

Note: Some phones or laptops periodically change their own network identifier (known as a MAC address). When the MAC address changes, it breaks the connection. If you still need WiFi access after the connection expires or is broken, you can repeat the above process.


  1. Enter your institution email and password when prompted (for example, myname@arizona.edu).
  2. If connecting on an iPad or iPhone, when a Certificate prompt appears, tap Trust.
  3. Your device connects to eduroam and maintains the connection until you change your password, after which you can repeat the process to reconnect.


Invalid Username or Password

  • Usernames and passwords for eduroam are managed by the home institution, so questions should be referred to their support resources.
  • Ensure you are a current student, faculty or staff.
  • Double-check your password by using it to sign in to MyPima.

Other Issues

Open a support ticket specifying the wireless connection issue and include the following information:

  1. Username and/or email address
  2. Wireless SSID (Pima-Guest, or eduroam)
  3. Device make and model (e.g., iPhone 7 iOS 11.2)
  4. Device MAC Address
  5. Description of all troubleshooting conducted to this point.
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