Popular Services

Ensure you are signed-in in the top right corner of the page to see our full list of supported services. Use this general request form if you are unable to locate a more specific service via the Service Catalog above.

Request software or application installation on computers or mobile devices.

Request a laptop or other IT-provided equipment.

Request a new phone, phone move, or other phone-related service.

Submit a request to purchase IT hardware or get a quote.

Request VPN access to allow remote connections to the PCC network to access internal services including Banner, file shares, HVAC systems, or WinSCP.

General D2L/Brightspace support if no other services apply.

Technical assistance for Pima-owned software: Installation, general usage, troubleshooting errors, and assistance with contacting technical support.

Request printer support or report a printing problem.

Get help creating and editing PCC web pages and related content.

Use this service to request a special role on a course you do not directly teach.

Submit a request to purchase software for college-owned devices.

Hardware troubleshooting and repair for all PCC-owned computing devices assigned to employees and peripherals excluding printers.

Use this service request for College issued cellular devices, or to request a change to an existing College cellular plan.

Hardware needs to be moved from one location to another, use this form if you or someone else is moving to a new location. Hardware may include computers (desktops & laptops), tablets (iPads & Surfaces), printers, and peripherals.

Request a new service, support or report a problem with any Google Services.

Request IT or A/V setup or support for scheduled events.

Use this service to report a problem with your telephone.

Request support or report a problem with classroom technology.

Request support for a new service or a modification to an existing Enterprise Systems supported service.

Request Google Shared Drive or Network File Share Access.

Use this service to request TDX Admins to make changes or create new services within TeamDynamix

Need help with your Pima account password or having trouble logging into Pima systems like Pima-owned computers, D2L, Office 365, or Google services? Request assistance here.

Duo Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is used to verify your identity to help keep your access secure.

Need help with your CIS class virtual machine? Use this form to submit a help request!