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Services or Offerings?
Information and assistance with the requirements of Attendance Tracker for student Attendance.

Request updates to the catalog to include errors found, requests for catalog information, as well as questions regarding the Curriculog (curriculum processing)/Acalog (catalog) system and/or training.

Use this service to request a new college-issued cell phone or WiFi device or to request changes to an existing cellular device or cellular service.

Request educational technology consultations, training, and support.

Assistance with MyPima grade submission: Final, N/A & 45th Day Grades, etc.

Use this service to request a CRN to be cloned in D2L.

D2L LTI requests.

Use this service to request a new Master Course Elevation be put in place or an old Master Course to be replaced.

Use this service to request a list of all broken links for a course you teach or maintain, a spelling and grammar check, and/or large image resizing for courses you teach or maintain.

Use this service to request a special role on a D2L course you do not directly teach.

Use this service to request that a new D2L Shell course be created.

Request an announcement be made through the D2L Channels

Assistance with non-pedagogical course component development such as modules, gradebooks, and other D2L tools (discussions, assessments and virtual classroom).

Request firewall rule changes