Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Duo


Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is an online security system for your sensitive and personal information. It requires more than just a password for access. The goal is to create a layered defense for your data so that an unauthorized person finds it more difficult to access. If your password becomes compromised, there will be another level of security to keep your information safe.

Pima Community College uses DUO Security MFA to provide you with even better security for your sensitive information.


Submit a ticket for the following by clicking on the corresponding buttons:

   General MFA Request

Submit a request to ask a question or submit a general Duo ticket.

   MFA Device or Number Change 

Request if you have changed your registered phone, phone number, or SIM card.

   Request Hardware Token 

Requires supervisor approval. Employees who use a college-provided smartphone or who are receiving stipends for using their personal smartphone are required to use the Duo mobile app. If you do not have a smartphone or you cannot receive SMS (text) authorization, you may request a hardware token. 

   Report Issue

Request support or report a problem with using or activating Duo.

   Report Fraud

Request if you received a Duo push, text, or call that you did not initiate or expect.

General MFA Request MFA Device or Number Change Request Hardware Token Report Issue Report Fraud

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