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Use this service to request software installation for PCC-approved software on your desktop, laptop, or tablet. 


All software installation requests are reviewed for license compliance, accessibility, security, and adherence to College policy and best practices. Approval requests for new software installs may take up to one week to process. 

If the software has been previously approved for use in our environment:

  • You can review the list of PCC-approved software.

  • If a license is available or is not required (for freeware) we will create a ticket to schedule the install.

  • If licenses are not available and a software purchase is required we will contact the requester and work with them to submit a software purchase request or find an appropriate alternative solution.

If the software has not yet been approved for our environment:

  • New software requests must be evaluated for compliance and security. We work with the Access and Disability Resources (ADR), Information Assurance and Records (IAR), and IT Security departments as part of this process.  The requester will be given an estimated time for completion of the evaluation and formally notified of the results.

  • If the request is approved we we will create a ticket to purchase the software (if necessary) and schedule the install.

  • If the request is not approved we will work with the requester to find an appropriate alternative solution.

Request Approved Software


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