Curriculum Quality Improvement (CQI)

Services (6)

Catalog/Curriculum Request

Request updates to the catalog to include errors found, requests for catalog information, as well as questions regarding the Curriculog (curriculum processing)/Acalog (catalog) system and/or training.


Ask questions regarding SLO, PLO, CLO or any type of learning outcome, along with Program Review questions or issues. This service should also be used to ask questions or report issues regarding the eLumen system and/or training.

Banner Course and/or Program Change

Request any change to the course and/or program information that is built in Banner.

Course Substitution/Waiver Request

Submit and request course substitution and/or waiver forms for review and possible application to a student's MyDegreePlan audit.

General Question

General CQI question if none of the other CQI services apply.

Report a CQI Problem

Report a CQI problem with something other than the services above (Catalog/Curriculum, Assessment, Banner Course or Program Change, or Course Substitution/Waivers).