My Recently Visited Services

Reset your password 24 hours a day / 7 days a week by answering your security questions or by email

Report a problem with an existing Enterprise Systems supported service.

Report a blank MyPima page issue

Submit and request course substitution and/or waiver forms for review and possible application to a student's MyDegreePlan audit.

General D2L/Brightspace support if no other services apply.

Investigate whether textbook is available for a course, and verify whether a textbook is Accessible for readers with disabilities.

Instructor support for Google Meet, Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides (one ticket can be submitted for all of your Google Workspace questions).

Request a new service, support or report a problem with any Google Services.

Review and, if necessary, remediation of videos for Accessibility.

Get help creating and editing PCC web pages and related content.

Submit a request for an IT project.

Use this service to request a special role on a course you do not directly teach.

Duo Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is used to verify your identity to help keep your access secure.

Get help connecting to the Pima Wireless Network.

Request any change to the course and/or program information that is built in Banner.

Assistance and referral for general questions related to the college and instructional support.

Request an announcement be made through the D2L Channels

Request access to the Advisor role for Pima Connect, Student Academic Profile and the @Work Student Services tab in MyPima.

Technical assistance for Pima-owned software: Installation, general usage, troubleshooting errors, and assistance with contacting technical support.

Review the accessibility of software, apps, websites, and D2L courses.

Assistance with non-pedagogical course component development such as modules, gradebooks, and other D2L tools (discussions, assessments and virtual classroom).

New Location Code Request.

Request software or application installation on computers or mobile devices.

Review whether a document’s Accessibility needs to be remediated for readers with disabilities.