File Share Mapping Guide - Windows 10

Before attempting to map File Shares you must connect to the Global Protect VPN.

How to Launch and Sign-in to the Global Protect VPN - Windows 10

If you do not have VPN access, please submit a ticket by clicking here or call IT at 520-206-4900

Step One: Open file Explorer and right click on This PC, then select Map network drive.

Step Two: Select the Drive Letter from the drop down menu, any available letter is fine. Then enter the Folder Address and finally, check both boxes below.

Y-Drive: \\\pcc-users\YourUserName

For other file shares replace \\nas-1 with
Example:  \\nas-1\ABECC → \\\ABECC

Step Three: Enter "\" followed by your Username, then enter your Password, finally check the box to Remember your credentials.

You have now successfully mapped a Shared Folder!

For further assistance, please contact the IT service desk at 520-206-4900
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