Sending a Fax

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This article provides instructions on sending faxes from within the college.


To ensure faxes are received, follow these guidelines based on the recipient's location:

  1. Within the College:

    • Dial the four-digit extension of the recipient within the college network.
    • Example: Dial 1234 for extension 1234.
  2. Within Tucson:

    • Dial 8 followed by the local number.
    • Example: Dial 8-555-1234 for the number 555-1234 within Tucson.
  3. Outside Tucson:

    • Dial 8, followed by the area code, then the number.
    • Example: Dial 8-210-555-1234 for the number 210-555-1234 outside Tucson.

If you encounter any difficulties or require further assistance with faxing or any printer-related issues, please submit a Printer Support Request for prompt resolution. 

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