Adding a Printer on a MacOS Computer


This article describes the process for adding a printer to your college-owned laptop. You must do this before the laptop can use the printer. Pima’s IT department initially set up your laptop with printers that are near your usual working location.  If you need to select a new printer near you or if you travel to a different College location and need to print, you can use PrinterLogic to add a printer to your computer.

Note: This article is about using PrinterLogic on Macs. For information about PrinterLogic on Windows, see this Knowledge Base article.


  1. On the Menu Bar, find the PrinterLogic icon.

Image of the Add Printer icon on the macOS menu bar.

  1. Select the icon, and then select Add Printer.

Image of the menu that opens when the user clicks the PrinterLogic icon from the menu bar. The drop-down menu has three options: Add Printer, Pull Printing, and Refresh Configurations. The Add Printer option is selected in this image.

The PrinterLogic interface opens in a browser.

Image of a web browser window displaying the PrinterLogic interface. In the left side panel is a list of buildings. In the right panel is an icon for the location where the buildings are.

  1. In the left panel, select the campus or location, the building, and the floor (if appropriate) where you are. The right panel then displays a list of available printers and a map with icons to identify printer locations. 

Image of a web browser window displaying the PrinterLogic interface. In the left side panel a building and floor are selected. In the right panel is a floorplan of the selected building and floor.

  1. Identify the printer you want to use by selecting either the printer icon on the floorplan or the printer name from the list below the floorplan. A detail sheet opens and presents the option to install (add) the printer.

Zoomed-in image of PrinterLogic webpage interface showing just the floorplan with printer icons indicating printer locations. One icon is selected and a detail sheet lists data about that printer.

  1. Select Install Printer. A confirmation request opens.

Zoomed-in image of PrinterLogic webpage interface showing only the dialog box requesting confirmation to install the printer.

  1. Confirm the installation by selecting Yes. When you do, a progress indicator opens.
  2. When a Notice window opens to announce successful installation, select OK.
  3. Open the Printers & Scanners preferences pane (Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners) to verify the printer you added appears in the list, as shown here.

Image of the Printers & Scanners Preferences pane showing the newly added printer on the list.

You are now able to use the newly added printer whenever you are in that location.

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