Autodesk Account Creation


Autodesk requires you to create a student account to use Autodesk products, allowing you to use Fusion 360, for example, at school and at home to complete classroom assignments. The following procedure presumes you have not already created an Autodesk account using your Pima student email address.

Note: The Helpdesk team cannot be involved in monitoring your approval status with Autodesk.


Start the process by going to:, where you see a page similar to the one shown below.

  1. Scroll down to the section titled Access the Autodesk Education plan (circled in orange).

AutoDesk for Students web page with arrow pointing to one section.

  1. In that section, select Create an Autodesk account.

Section of AutoDesk for Students web page with arrow pointing to link.

  1. When a page similar to the one shown here appears, select Get Started (black button).

Section of AutoDesk Education web page with arrow pointing Get Started button.

  1. On the Sign In page, select Create Account.

Section of Sign In web page with arrow pointing to create account link.

  1. On the Get Educational Access page, fill out the requested information. It’s best to sign up with your student email address; that makes it easier for Autodesk to verify that you qualify for educational access.

Example of account creation form to fill out.

  1. Autodesk will request that you supply verification that you are a current student. They check the submitted documentation and send you an email when they have completed the verification process. After that, you can sign in to your account and start using Autodesk software.
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