Editing Subscription Choices

How you open the Pima Subscription page to make changes depends on whether you subscribed with your MyPima account or a non-Pima address.

MyPima Account

Be sure you have logged in to the Status Page, and then click Subscribe. If necessary, refer to Subscribe after logging in for details on the options.

Non-Pima Address

If you subscribed using a non-Pima email address, follow these steps:

  1. Near the upper-right corner, click Subscribe. The Subscribe to status page box pops open.
  2. In the Email Address box, type the same address you subscribed with initially, and then click Subscribe. The following message appears.

  1. In the message, click the word here.
  2. After a moment, check the inbox of the email account you subscribed with to find a message from noreply@statuscast.com. That email should contain a button labeled Manage Subscription.
  3. Click the Manage Subscription button. Your browser displays the Pima Subscription page.

Screen capture StatusCast web page showing options for changing subscription settings for notifications.

  1. Revise the options as you prefer, and then click Update.


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