Logging into a College Windows Computer


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to log into a Windows computer at Pima Community College.


Logging In

  1. Username:
    • When you log in, type your username. You only need to type your username, not your whole email.
    • For example, jsmith@pima.edu would enter jsmith, the same as logging into MyPima.
  2. Password:
    • After typing your username, type your MyPima password.
    • Your MyPima password is the same password you use to access your college email.

Windows 10 Login Page - Student Side

Student Side vs. Staff/Faculty Side

Underneath the Username and Password boxes, you will notice a message that says "Sign in to: EDU-Domain" or "Sign in to: PCC-Domain", this indicates who can log into each computer.

  • Student Side (EDU-Domain)
    • This is for students to log in and is the default for classrooms and computer labs.
  • Staff/Faculty Side (PCC-Domain)
    • This is for staff members to log in and is the default for offices and instructor computers in classrooms.


This section outlines specific instructions for tenants at the college who have unique login requirements different from the general student and staff/faculty procedures.

  • Catholic University of America (CatholicU)
    • CatholicU instructors should enter their username in the format `edu-domain\[username]`
    • FRC staff are available to guide CatholicU instructors through the process if needed.
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