D2L Email Address Troubleshooting


If you are experiencing one or more of the following issues when using D2L:

  • I am unable to send or receive emails from D2L or the recipient is not receiving my emails.
    • The email address you’re sending to isn’t valid.
    • Your own email address may not be valid (see below).
  • My documents no longer appear in the google drive when I click through D2L.
  • I receive an authentication error when accessing third party tools (H5P, Panopto, etc.) from D2L or the tool no longer contains my content.
  • I receive the following error in Gmail after trying to email someone in D2L.


Your D2L email address may have the incorrect domain. If the assigned email address is incorrect, it can be corrected by submitting a D2L/Brightspace Support ticket.

See below for general guidelines on what your D2L email should look like. Please note that exceptions apply if you are in more than one user type role

User Type Email Domain
Faculty and Staff pima.edu
Student mail.pima.edu

You can verify your email address in D2L by clicking your name near the top-right corner and selecting Account Settings.


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