Board of Governors Email Accounts

Standard Accounts

If you’ve ever taken a class at the college or been employed here, you may still have a standard Pima email account. Those account names are usually first initial, last name and sometimes a number (for example, jsmith12) followed by either or These standard accounts are automatically enabled or disabled based on automated rules, such as registering for a class. Therefore, they are not accounts that should be used for Board of Governors (BOG) business, since they could be disabled by these rules at any time.

BOG Accounts

Pima's IT department has created email accounts for each Board member. These accounts, which end in “_bog” (for example, jsmith12_bog), should be used for all Board business. To make it easier for the public to email Board members, IT has assigned an alias with the district number to each of these accounts. For example, if Jean Smith represents District 1, the public can email her at Emails sent to that alias automatically appear in the “jsmith12_bog” inbox.

BOG Group Email

Screen capture of upper-left corner of a Google Groups web page showing the menu of options with My Groups highlighted.Pima’s IT department has also established a group email address—, which is accessible from every “_bog” account. Any emails sent to that address are received by all BOG members as well as select members from the Chancellor’s Office. The Chancellor’s Office is also the Group manager.

In addition to seeing all emails that were sent to the Group in their “_bog” inbox, BOG members can also access the group messages by going to, clicking My groups, and then selecting the group named boardofgovernors. They can then browse and reply to group messages on the Groups page, which has an easy to use interface with menus and a threaded display.

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