How to Access and Use Software Center


Use Software Center to install (or uninstall) software made available by IT.

Opening Software Center

There are two ways to open Software Center: from the Start Menu or from the System Tray.

From the Start Menu:

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard or click the Windows icon (at the left end of the Taskbar) to open the Start Menu.

  1. Scroll down to and then click the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder to expand it.
  2. Click Software Center. The Software Center Window opens.

From the System Tray:

  1. Open your System Tray by clicking the Show hidden icons arrow (at the right end of the Taskbar).

  1. Click the Software Center icon in the tray.

  1. Click Open Software Center. The Software Center console opens.

In the Software Center

  1. In the Software Center console, view the software available for installation under Applications.

  1. To install an application, click its icon. The application detail opens.

  1. Click Install.


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