Pearson Support

For any issues regarding Pearson products, attempt the following:

Note: If you need assistance with any Pearson products that are non-technical, please contact your instructor. 

Step 1. If your issue is with Pearson, please contact Pearson 24/7 Technical Support. The toll-free support number and other contact information can be found at

Step 2. Run the Pearson browser tune-up wizard to ensure your system is compatible.

  1. Google search "pegasus Pearson browser check"
  2. Select the option titled "Your Browser - Pearson Browser Check"
  3. Make any necessary updates

Step 3. If compatible, attempt basic browser troubleshooting.

  • Attempt on another browser
  • Clear browser cache
  • Run browser in Private mode
  • Run Virus scan (if anti-virus program installed)
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