How to Register for Classes


This article provides instructions on how to access the Registration Dashboard in MyPima and register for classes.


Access the Registration Dashboard

Courses can be added and dropped within the Registration Dashboard by following the steps below:

  1. Log into MyPima.
  2. Select the Students tab.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Register and Pay.
  4. On the new page, in the Register for Classes section, select Register for credit classes.
    Register for credit classes link in MyPima.

Registration Dashboard

After clicking on the link to the New registration system from your MyPima interface, two options will display on the Registration Dashboard, as shown below.

Registration Dashboard

  • Register for Classes
    • This option allows you to search for courses or enter CRNs directly and register for those courses.
  • View Registration Information
    • Here, you can view existing registration information by term, and access additional functions like e-mailing and printing your course schedule. To access these, be sure and choose the term you wish to e-mail and/or print, and then choose the appropriate button on the right side of the interface.

Registration Information

Registering for Classes

  • Panels Button - After you choose the term for which you want to register, the Register for Classes interface displays. First, you will want to notice at the bottom of the interface there are options to select. There is a tooltip to help highlight the extra panels available, but go ahead and click the Panels button in the lower left corner to automatically display them. The two windows below will now be shown and you will need them to complete your registration.

  • Find Classes – There are two search functions: basic and advanced. The Advanced Search button can be found next to the Search and Clear buttons.

  • Search Results – You can choose which columns are displayed in the search results, and you can resize the columns that are shown. The arrow pointing left and right appears when you hover on the column border and then you click and drag to make the column wider or narrower. The gear icon on the right border allows you to choose which columns to display.
    • Click the green Search Again button to return to the search interface and start over.

    • Click the Add button to put the course in your shopping cart.

    • The Seats column will tell you how many (if any) seats are available, and if not, how many waitlist seats are available.


  • Summary Panel – Once you have clicked the Add button in the search results, the course you added will appear here.
    You must click Submit to add the course(s) to your schedule and officially be registered.

You may receive error messages after clicking Submit for various reasons including prerequisites, no seats available, or
requiring instructor permission. If the course is full and you want to be placed on the waitlist, the Action dropdown
menu will include the option to be put on the waitlist for the course. It is also here that you will drop any courses you
decide not to take.

Once you are registered, the Pending status will turn to Registered.

Schedule/Schedule Details Panel – Here, you can view schedule information in a graphical format using Schedule, and
get more detailed information about each course for which you are registered.

Enter CRN Directly

If you already know the CRN for which you wish to register, click on the Enter CRNs tab. Enter the first CRN (if you have
multiple), and then click + Add Another CRN. When finished, click Add to Summary and then be sure and click Submit to
finalize your registration.

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