Avaya one-X Communicator Install and Configuration (PCC Laptops/Notebooks)

Install Procedure for Avaya one-X Communicator

Downloading Avaya (On Pima Community College provided laptops/notebook)

  1. Click on the Windows icon in the lower left of your desktop.


  1. Click on Software Center on the right of the menu or under “Microsoft System Center”.



  1. Select “Avaya one-X Communicator” from the Applications list in Software Center.


  1. Click on the blue “Install” button to install the VPN client.


  1. Once the installation completes the “Install” button will become “Uninstall” and the Avaya one-X Communicator agent will appear in the lower right with a login window.


Configure for first use:

  1. Click on the red “Avaya one-X Communicator” icon.


  1. On page 1 of setup, ensure that “Telephony Setup” is the only box checked, click next.


  1. On setup page 2, select the “H.323” radio button, click next.


  1. On setup page 3, for “Extension”, enter your 4 digit PCC phone extension (eg. 4601).For “Password”, enter “24682468”.

Your page will look similar to this, with a different extension.

  1. For “Server List”, click “Add”, then in the “Server” box, enter “”.Click OK on the “Add Server” popup.